What Does It Mean to Live The Red Cape Life?

Picture this: You. And a red cape.

How would it feel to wear this cape while living a typical day of your life?
Silly? Embarrassing?
But – what if no one else could see the cape but you?
How would it feel now?

Fun. Freeing. Empowering. Transformational.
Like your being called to do something great and unique in the world.

…You are.

Living The Red Cape Life is about:

Knowing what you stand for
Defining your values, and living them with intention and awareness

Embracing your uniqueness
Proudly and playfully giving voice to your unique attributes, quirks and assets

Answering the call inside, and loving your work
Discovering your true life’s purpose and passion – and pursuing it

Putting on the cape of the The Red Cape Life means stepping firmly in your most authentic, unique self, and pursuing a life that expresses your true purpose.

What do you stand for? What’s your purpose and passion? What are your unique attributes? Where’s your career headed? Do you love your work?

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