Red Caped Sightings

"Glenn has a way about him, a gravitas much like the moment Superman arrives at the scene of a disaster, and everyone thinks 'Ah, NOW we are OK.' Glenn creates safety and courage for those around him. His very presence is empowering. His skill and deep heart for truly helping people are why he is a rockstar coach." - Justin Williams

"There's a kind of speed, stealth, and no-nonsense about Glenn and his coaching, that combines with style and subtlety." - Anna Carroll, Founder, Interaction Design, Inc. and

"Glenn brings a sense of wonder and deep commitment to his coaching.  He's fully present and there's nothing standing in the way of Glenn hearing what is going on in a session." - Chris St. Clair

"Glenn always made me feel so heard when he coached me.  He had a way of breathing light into any topic I brought to coaching and made me feel confident in my choices." - Allison Kramer

"Glenn is curious and open… I find him to be a person of integrity, discipline and drive." - Susan Lieberman, Ph.D., former Director of Leadership Rice at Rice University

"Glenn is able to bring people together, motivate them and align each person’s strengths, resources and talents." – Julie Pitts, Executive Director at the National Association of Corporate Directors

"Glenn is one of my favorite people. He can balance productivity with fun, is incredibly intelligent and detail-oriented, and has all the qualities of a superb leader." – Sarah Meals, Public Relations Manager at Seattle Repertory Theatre

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